David Scott    Director of Photography

                                         Drama Docs

Uomo della Carita in Sofia

"The Great Olympic Drug Scandal"     Director: Alison Rooper        Producers:  Brook Lapping / Channel 5
The German Democratic Republic set out to systematically train their Olympic athletes using steroids and other drugs. Filmed in Berlin in the ex Stasi Headquarters and prisons.

“Alive – Escape From Avalanche Alley”    Director:    Renny Bartlett           Producers:   Darlow / Channel 4 / Discovery
2 climbers in Alaska survive a week of blizzards,avalanches,crevasses,freezing temperatures and starvation.Filmed in Chamonix/Mont Blanc.       

“Catherine the Great”    Directors:  Paul Burgess / JP Davidson            Producers:  Brook Lapping
2 hour drama doc. Starring Emily Brunni as Catherine. Her life from arriving in Russia aged 14 to her death. Filmed in Romania.                   

“Demons”    Director:    Renny Bartlett          Producers:   October Films / Discovery
Demonic posession from 16thC. France to contemporary London, including the chief exorcist of the Vatican in Rome.  Presented by Anthony Head.

“Pontius Pilate - The Man Who Killed Christ”   Director:   Andrew Chater        Producers:    OctoberFilms / Channel 4
Documentary with drama re-constructions, filmed in Morocco and Israel. Pontius Pilate, the arrest and trial of Jesus.                      

“Second by Second - The Mauvilla”
   Director:   Paul Burgess           Producers:   Darlow / National Geographic
Documentary detailing the countdown to disaster where Amtrak passenger train derailed into the bayou in fog at night killing 47. Shot in Alabama.       

“We Built This City – London, Paris, New York”   Dirsectors: Paul Burgess /Jeremy Llewellyn Jones /Alex Marengo
   Producers: Darlow/Discovery
Joint DoP. Three part series showing the engineering feats achieved in the development of these great cities. With dramatic re-constructions.       

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