David Scott    Director of Photography


Walking with a Wally Dolly in Beijing

“Embracing the Tiger”   Director: Tony Fabian            Producers:  Majestic Media
Documentary exploring the history, philosophy, health benefits and practice of Tai Chi.     Filmed in China and UK.      Joint DoP.                  

Correspondent - Addicted to Arms”      Director:    Amir Amirani            Producers:    BBC
 presented by Will Self. Looks at Britain’s relentless drive to manufacture and sell arms.                   

 “Turkey’s Dams”       Director:   Kriss Russman         Producers:    BBC  / Twelfth Year Films
This film looks at Britain’s involvement in those dams proposed on the Tigris at Hasenkeyf in the Kurdish region of S.E. Turkey and at Yousufeli in the N.E. near the Black Sea.  Gaia Servadio, Mark Thomas.                   

Correspondent - Letter to America”      Director:  Amir Amirani           Producers:     BBC
 presented by Rana Kabbani. Arab opinion on the September11th attacks and war in Afghanistan.           

“Hamleys – A Toy Story”   Director:   Callum McCrae       Producers:    Outsider TV/Channel 4
Observational film following new chief executive Simon Burke through his first year at the helm of “the most famous toy shop in the world”          

"The Mind Traveller"     Director:   Chris Rawlence       Producers:   Rosetta Films / BBC
Six part series in which Oliver Sachs explores strange neurological disorders. Shane has Turrette's Syndrome, the 'swearing disease'. We took him to the hospital in Paris where his condition was first described. We also filmed with Peter Brook, who had used Shane as a study for a character in "The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat".     Joint DoP.

"Music and the Mind"  Director:   Margaret Williams          Producers:   Initial / Channel 4
3 part series presented by Paul Robertson of the Medici String Quartet, looking into the latest scientific research on the effect of music on the brain.   

"Baby It's You" Directors:  Leanne Klein, David Hickman         Producers:  Wall To Wall / Channel 4
Joint DoP. Six part documentary series covering the development of human babies from birth to age three.                            
International Emmy Award 1995
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