David Scott    Director of Photography

                          Arts and Performance

Another light reading

“Suit of Light”  Director:    Margaret Williams            Producers:    MJW/Channel 4
The Ballet Boyz -  Michael Nunn dances, William Trevitt choreographs.             35mm
“Peter Maxwell Davies”    Director:   Deborah May                  Producers: BBC
Profile of composer ‘Max’ rehearsing and performing his new/last symphony at the Orkney Festival.                          DVCam
“Omnibus – Antony Gormley”    Director:  Adrian Sibley        Producers:  BBC
Profile of the sculptor who made the Angel of the North.                      Digibeta

"Donald Cammell - The Ultimate Performance"
   Directors:  Kevin Macdonald,  Chris Rodley   Producers:  Figment

Feature documentary about life and work of  Donald Cammell, the co-director of the film "Performance".
Festivals: Chicago – Silver Hugo; Toronto; Amsterdam            Super 16mm blown up to 35mm
"Concerto"    Directors: Barbra Sweete, Niv Fichman, Larry Weinstein   Producers: Initial / Ch4
Classical music series featuring Dudley Moore, Michael Tilson Thomas, LSO and various soloists including James Galway, Marisa Robles, Steven Isserlis and Barry Douglas.
International Emmy Award 1993                 Head of Dept. on documentary element.                                     Super 16mm 
"Gypsy Passion"     Director:  Margaret Williams          Producers:  Initial / BBC
Joaquin Cortes the gypsy flamenco dancer in performance and in rehearsal with his company of musicians and dancers, in Spain, New York and London.          Beta SP
"Blond Eckbert"       Director:    Margaret Williams       Producers:  MJW/Channel 4
Film of an opera written by Judith Weir based on a story by Ludwig Tieg. Filmed on stage at the Coliseum with the English National Opera and on location.  Multi camera Beta / Super 16mm.
"Mothers and Daughters"    Director:   Margaret Williams           Producers:  MJW / Channel4
Award winning dance film choreographed by Victoria Marks featuring 10 pairs of mothers and daughters. Shot in the RoundHouse.    Super 16mm
"The Dark Side of Black"     Director:   Isaac Julien                     Producers:   Black Audio film Collective / BBC Arena
Joint DoP. Documentary looking at aspects of violence, sexuality and homophobia in Rap and Ragga music in Jamaica, Los Angeles, New York, London.     Super 16mm
Berlin Film Festival 1994 - Panorama section.
"Quartet"       Director:     Margaret Williams             Producers:    MJW/Channel 4
Feature length documentary about musical quartets from a spectrum of cultures and music  including Kronos, Britten, Esterhazy, Rova, MJQ, Drifters, Hilliard, U2.                      16mm          
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