David Scott
        Director of Photography

                              Features and Shorts

             Tiziano and Stella leave town                                         Get Stella                                   Tiziano shoots the butcher                      Tiziano pays money at the bar

                                                                                                                               My Summer of Love                                                        
               Tiziano and Stella at the jetty                           Tiziano finds out he is in debt                            Plans for the day                                Why did you dump him?

       Uomo della Carita                               Going Going                                        Voce del Sangue                                 Ebb Tide
               The boys escape from school                               Who's There?                                                       In the hole                                 Milly finds the key to the attic    

Traffic Island                                                                                                   Fetentoni
                 Bad Dreams                                           September 18th                                                  The Hunt                                                 Bad Shot                 


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